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About Vintage Witches

Vintage Witches believes that our feminine energies are magical. Our goal is to celebrate these energies, to honor our ancestors, and to reclaim a word that has been used to defile our feminine spirits for so long — "Witch". 

The beliefs and practices of a witch are truly nothing short of beautiful and magical. To reclaim our magic, we must consider all types of witches: the fairy and their ethereal light; the nymph and their earthy wandering steps; the sorceress with their deeply encompassing energy, the goddess and her glowing confidence; the siren and their mysterious seduction; and the genie and their mystical intuitions. 

Everyone's magic is unique, but these witches are part of us all. 

Through revitalizing the clothing of those before us, we are empowering our connections with our ancestors, and with the energy of our Mother Earth. 

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